Corporate Speaking

For speaking requests, including workshops and consulting, please email:

Kaitlin Borncamp, CPA, NTP

Top Requested Topics:

Eating for Energy:

The Key to Increasing Daily Energy & Performance

Food for Thought:

The secret ingredient to optimizing mental health

Empowering Stress Resilience:

Essential Tools to Navigate High-Demand Jobs without Burnout

Kaitlin is an incredible speaker; she taught us a wealth of knowledge in such a short time. I have continued to notice changes from our team, with people still making reference to different key points learned from this session.”
I highly recommend Kaitlin to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and overall health. Thank you, Kaitlin for making a lasting impact on our team!”
“Kaitlin’s session was interesting and informative. She made the content very approachable for our group, which has a variety of background knowledge on nutrition.”