When used correctly, I believe supplements can be an important part of achieving and maintaining wellness.

Professional supplements:

*For clients, I will recommend supplements based on your specific protocol.


Cellcore’s products are natural yet powerful at addressing drainage, heavy metals, detox, parasites and more. I will provide you with a code to use to access the products with a discount.


Biotics Research

Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. 

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Over 250 other supplement brands

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Uplevel your supplements:

Equip Prime Protein powder

Made from grass-fed cows and is beef isolate powder (think the cut of steak) and is NOT from dairy or milk 

  • The reason why I love this product: 
    • It’s dairy-free
    • Sourced from grass-fed cows
    • Best tasting beef isolate I’ve found
    • No added crap 
    • Use code YOURHEALTHSUPPLY for 15% off

Equip Clean Carb powder

This is ideal for people who are active or need additional carbs to balance out a meal

Reasons why I love this product: 

    • Only 3 ingredients (sweet potato, vanilla, and stevia) it’s a clean source of carbs with no added crap found in a lot of other brands
    • Use code YOURHEALTHSUPPLY for 15% off

Organifi Red, Green, Gold, Pure

  • Can find it in your local health store or buy online
  • Use code MODEL for 20% off

Collagen powder

Reasons why I love this product:

  • Made from grass-fed cows

Note: You can usually find this at Costco for about $30